Welcome to the world of Mythos!

Setting Background

The world was once populated by not only man but races of legend. Elves and half folk wove magic to build vast cities. Then the mountain fell from the sky. Leaving a vast crater that filled to form the inner sea. The Elves and Half Folk had vanished and with them magic. In the chaos the Pellans formed a vast empire encompassing the whole of the continent.

From the grand city of Pellanous the Emperor ruled over all the land. All that changed 5 years ago when one night the city vanished leaving in its place a crater 60 miles wide and 2000 feet deep in a perfect circle. A mighty dense forest grew up over night at the bottom of the crater.

Now strange tales of men with fantastical abilities have started to spread. And word of strange creatures appearing all around the country sides are told in hush whispers. A growing darkness is spreading and an ancient evil has returned to the land.


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